Faculty Workshop Catalog

Getting Started with Blackboard in 45 minutes

This workshop covers the best that Blackboard has to offer. From uploading course materials to engaging a discussion board to grading student assignments, participants will watch step-by-step demonstrations and explore diverse ways faculty use Blackboard at GW. 

Posting Course Materials in Blackboard

This 60-minute session focuses exclusively on uploading content for students to consume. We will cover every major format of course material. From Microsoft Word documents to rich multimedia presentations, we'll show you where to find materials and how to best incorporate them in a Blackboard course. 

Blackboard: Assignments and Tests

This 60-minute workshop will primarily cover how to create assignments and develop tests that make the best of both your time and your students' efforts. Participants will also discuss test settings and how they impact the student experience of taking a test online. 

Blackboard: Grading Your Students

The Blackboard Grade Center can be used simply as a storage table for graded items you receive in class, or it can be a fully dynamic way to closely survey your students' success. It also helps your students remain focused on your course! In this 60-minute workshop, we share how to quickly build a powerful assessment dashboard, a nerve-center that is the Grade Center. 

Blackboard: Blogs, Wikis and Discussions

In this 60-minute session participants will explore blogs, journals, and wikis and learn about best practices within the Blackboard Discussion Boards. From informal inquiries to graded topical interactions, we will explore the diverse ways in which you can enhance the student experience outside of the traditional classroom. 

Student Response System: Getting Started with Clickers

The TurningPoint Audience Response System can engage students and give you real-time feedback on comprehension during class. This workshop will cover the most commonly used features of TurningPoint, including creating questions, conducting polling, and saving results.

Creating Online Lectures

Enhance your online lectures with rich media. This workshop will cover the basics of online lecture creation using PowerPoint narration, iSpring, and Echo Personal Capture as tools to bring audio, video, and screen captures to lectures. Participants will also learn how to make such lectures available to students on Blackboard.

Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Classroom 

The workshop covers the essentials of Blackboard Collaborate, a synchronous virtual classroom tool, beginning with a general geography of the user interface and ending with a practice session. Participants will leave the workshop with hands-on experience in features such as text and voice chat, PowerPoint slideshow delivery, student polling, and web tours. Given extra time and interest, participants will also view demonstrations of more advanced features, such as video broadcast, group breakout rooms, and desktop sharing. 

Incorporating Media In Your Courses

This workshop will cover ways you can incorporate content from sources such as YouTube, SlideShare, iSpring, and NBC Learn into your Blackboard course.