TurningPoint Audience Response System

With TurningPoint, instructors can run impromptu polls or use prepared PowerPoint presentations with embedded questions to engage students in active learning and make class time more interactive.

  • Poll students to encourage active discussions.
  • Assess comprehension and review content as needed.
  • Collect performance data and integrate with Blackboard’s Grade Center.

Get Started with TurningPoint

The TurningPoint system requires the TurningPoint software, a receiver, and a response device. To respond to polling questions, students press the appropriate key on their device.

The TurningPoint system is available in all Academic Technologies computer classrooms. Check your classroom technology for the most up-to-date information.

1. Create a Turning Account and Register through Blackboard

To use TurningPoint, you and your students must create a Turning Account and register it through Blackboard. Students also need a subscription and a response device to participate in TurningPoint sessions.

2. Instruct Students to Purchase Subscriptions

Students are required to purchase their own subscription. A subscription can be purchased through the GW Bookstore separately or bundled with a clicker. After purchase, students must manually add the subscription code to their Turning Account to receive credit for participation. Instructors do not need a subscription.

Students purchasing new clickers, subscriptions, or bundles are eligible for a $10 rebate.

3. Instruct Students to Get Response Devices

To respond to questions students can use a TurningPoint clicker, or if you allow, their mobile or web-enabled devices. Both clickers and mobile devices can be used in the same session, though, each student should only use one type of device in a session.

TurningPoint Clickers

Students can purchase clickers from the GW Bookstore separately or bundled with a subscription. Once purchased, they must add the new Clicker ID to their Turning Account to receive credit for participation.

Students purchasing new clickers, subscriptions, or bundles are eligible for a $10 rebate. Additionally, the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL) has a limited number of clickers available that instructors can borrow on a short-term basis. However, because the devices are not registered or licensed, responses cannot be associated with a particular student.

TurningPoint Mobile

To use a mobile device, students must install the Android or iOS TurningPoint Mobile application. Students using a laptop can access polling sessions with a browser at rwpoll.com. Students using TurningPoing Mobile must still purchase a Turning Account subscription.

4. Create Polling Questions

To create polling slides (PDF), you can download the TurningPoint software to your personal computer from within your Turning Account. Versions for Windows and Mac operating systems are available free of charge.


We recommend that you consult with ITL staff before using TurningPoint for the first time; however, below are some additional resources.

Students can consult the Turning Account Registration for Students guide (PDF) or the student FAQs for more information.

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