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Getting Started

I want to use TurningPoint in my class; what do I need to do?

In order to use TurningPoint, instructors will need to create a Turning Account and register through Blackboard.

TurningPoint software and receivers are installed and ready to use in all Academic Technologies computer classrooms; check your classroom or contact the Solutions Center help desk for the most up-to-date information.

You can also download the TurningPoint software to your personal computer from within your Turning Account. Versions for PC and Mac are available free of charge.


How do students get started with TurningPoint?

To use TurningPoint, all students must have a Turning Account and register it through Blackboard. Turning Account registration can be found in the Tools section on your Blackboard Course Menu or by adding a link directly to the menu.

In addition to their Turning Account, students must also add a subscription code and clicker ID (if applicable) to their account in order to receive credit for participation during a TurningPoint session. Students can purchase these at the GW Bookstore.


Where can students purchase a subscription?

Students can purchase subscriptions, along with clickers, at the GW Bookstore. Whether students use a clicker or mobile device, they must purchase their own subscription in order to receive credit for participation.

After purchase students will need to manually add the subscription code to their Turning Account.

Turning Technologies is offering a $20.99 rebate for purchases of new clickers, subscriptions, or bundles during the 2017-2018 academic year.

Turning Account Registration for Students (PDF)

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How do students know they are successfully set up for polling?

When logged into your Turning Account you should see a green checkmark next to each section in the dashboard. The Response Devices section does not need to have a green checkmark if you are using TurningPoint Mobile.

Turning Account Registration for Students (PDF)

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Where can I get support?

If you are thinking about using TurningPoint for the first time consult with the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL). Staff are available for consultations during open lab hours or by appointmentFaculty workshops are also offered by the ITL on TurningPoint.

Students can consult the Turning Account Registration for Students guide (PDF) and the Student FAQs for information on TurningPoint.

Turning Technologies Online User Guide (Windows | Mac)

Student Clickers

Where can students get clickers?

Students can purchase a clicker separately or bundled with a subscription from the GW BookstoreTo be given credit for participation, students must also add their clicker ID and subscription code to their Turning Account.

During the 2017-2018 academic year, Turning Technologies is offering a $20.99 rebate for all GW students purchasing new clickers, subscriptions, or bundles.


I use TurningPoint for my lectures infrequently; can I borrow clickers for my students?

Faculty and graduate teaching assistants can borrow clickers on a short-term basis from the Instructional Technology Lab (ITL); however, student data will not be saved, as the clickers are unregistered and unlicensed.

Equipment is loaned on a first come, first served basis, so please plan ahead to confirm availability. For further assistance, contact the ITL.

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Can students use their laptop or mobile device instead of a clicker?

If you allow, students can use their mobile or web-enabled device to participate in TurningPoint sessions using TurningPoint Mobile, Turning Technologies mobile response solution. A Wi-Fi or a data connection is required.

To use a mobile device, students must also install the TurningPoint Mobile app on their device. Android and iOS apps are available at no cost. Those using web-enabled devices like laptops can access TurningPoint Mobile at rwpoll.com.

Students must have a Turning Account, register it through Blackboard, and purchase a subscription in order to use TurningPoint Mobile.


How do I allow students to use TurningPoint Mobile in a polling session?

Select Click to Connect under ResponseWare in the top corner of the TurningPoint program then click Start Session to begin. (View screen capture)

Once connected, a Session ID will be displayed. Students using TurningPoint Mobile should enter this ID into the application on their devices to join the session.

To use TurningPoint, instructors need to have a Turning Account and register it through Blackboard. 


When I use TurningPoint Mobile should I reserve a session ID?

When joining a Session using TurningPoint Mobile, students are prompted to enter a Session ID. Session IDs can be randomly generated each time TurningPoint Mobile is enabled or you can choose to reserve a Session ID so it remains the same for every session.

Session IDs may be between 4 and 14 alpha or numeric characters and must contain at least one letter

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Do all response device options work together?

Yes, both clickers and mobile devices using TurningPoint Mobile can be used in the same TurningPoint session.

Please note that a receiver must also be connected if some students will be using clickers in the session.

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Using TurningPoint

Why doesn’t TurningPoint start when I open my PowerPoint Presentation?

TurningPoint is a PowerPoint add-in that must be started separately by first opening the TurningPoint program and then selecting your PowerPoint.

  1. Launch the TurningPoint program.
  2. Click the Content tab.
  3. From the Content drop down menu select Import and choose your presentation (or select New to create a new presentation).
  4. Select your PowerPoint presentation from the list and click Edit Presentation to launch the PowerPoint file.
  5. From the TurningPoint toolbar in PowerPoint, click New to begin creating polling slides.

How do I create a polling slide in TurningPoint?

  1. Launch the TurningPoint program.
  2. Select your PowerPoint from the list on the left and click PowerPoint Polling or just click PowerPoint Polling to start a new presentation.
  3. From the TurningPoint toolbar in PowerPoint, click New and select a Question Type.
  4. Type the question and possible answer choices.

What channel should the TurningPoint clickers be set to?

Clickers should be set to the same channel as the receiver being used. All receivers in Academic Technologies computer classrooms are set to channel 41.

  1. Press the Ch or GO button. A light will start blinking.
  2. Enter the new channel number (41).
  3. Press Ch or GO again.
  4. A solid green light will show, indicating the code is accepted.

If you are not using an Academic Technologies receiver be sure to check the receiver channel before instructing students.

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How do I change the channel on the receiver?

All receivers in Academic Technologies computer classrooms are set to channel 41.

  1. Open TurningPoint and click preferences icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard to open the session Preferences.
  2. Select Connections on the left-hand menu
  3. Choose the appropriate channel in the drop-down menu under Response Card Channels.
  4. Click Reset Connections.

TurningPoint Quick Start Guide (PDF)

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What is a Participant List?

A participant list is a list of students that will participate in your TurningPoint session. The use of a participant list allows for detailed reporting on each student from a session. 

You can import your Blackboard course roster to use as a TurningPoint participant list. The imported participant list contains the following information on each student: Device ID(s), License Status, First Name, Last Name, NetID and Email.

To track and export student data, all students must register their Turning Account through Blackboard and add their subscription code and clicker ID (if applicable) to their account.


How do I import a Blackboard course roster into TurningPoint?

It is best to download the participant list from Blackboard after the add/drop period has ended to be sure your roster is up-to-date.

  1. Open TurningPoint and click the Manage tab.
  2. Click the Participant List drop-down menu and select New.
  3. Choose Download from Integration and click Create List.
  4. Choose Blackboard from the Integration drop-down menu.
  5. Enter the Server Address: blackboard.gwu.edu.
  6. Enter your GW NetID (username) and password and click Connect.
  7. Select the relevant course and click Import.
  8. Your course roster will be displayed as a TurningPoint Participant List.
All students must register their Turning Account through Blackboard and add their subscription code and clicker ID (if applicable) to their account in order to receive participation for a TurningPoint session.

How do I export polling scores from a TurningPoint session to the Blackboard Grade Center?

TurningPoint can integrate with Blackboard so that student responses and resulting scores are recorded in Blackboard’s Grade Center. You must save your session before exiting the TurningPoint session.

  1. Open TurningPoint and select the Manage tab.
  2. Select your Participant List and click Results Manager.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. Select Blackboard and type the Server Address: blackboard.gwu.edu.
  5. Enter your GW NetID (username) and password.
  6. Click Connect and select Export Session.
  7. Select the correct session and click Export.
All students must register their Turning Account through Blackboard and add their subscription code and clicker ID (if applicable) to their account in order to receive credit for participation in a TurningPoint session.